Types of Web Designers

Web design involves varied skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. An effective web design, therefore, lays a great foundation for any business especially those working online. The choice of a web designer thereby greatly impacts the company's corporate image, success, and survival in the competitive business world. learn more here top rated agency

The first group of designers is referred to as graphic designers. These are designers that create the visual identity, marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, postcards and posters, t-shirt designs, annual reports, illustrations, product packaging, presentations, magazines, books, catalogs among others. These designers use visual communication and leverage images as well as visual elements to convey their ideas. They inspire clients to have the urge to know more about a product and maybe even purchase it. They make use of soft wares like Photoshop and In Design.

Another class of the designers is known as the web or interactive designers .they create websites, landing pages, micro sites, mobile apps, banner ads, social media assets, email marketing assets, blog templates and themes among others. These designers not only create beautiful designs but also need to understand the technology behind the websites and turn their designs into real online experiences. see more at this website

Motion graphics designers, on the other hand, create explained videos, storyboards, promotional videos, animated graphics, movie title sequences, product demos, animated presentations among others. When developing online videos, for instance, these designers first create storyboards that map out each scene, they then put the scenes and images together while adding motion and graphical elements. Finally, they synchronize up the action in each scene with a voice over or music.

Interior designers transform the inside spaces making them more functional, efficient, pleasing and appropriate. They also help clients in selecting furniture, accessories, paint, lighting, fabrics among other features and elements. They create floor plans, diagrams, and layouts, functional and visually appealing spaces. go here for more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_design 

Product designers develop products for a variety of purposes through prototyping, testing and iterating the product. When designing the product, the use, form, and ergonomics of the product must be considered. These designers create consumer and household items, cars, bikes, planes, consumer hardware and electronics, appliances, medical devices, and machinery.

The instructional designers create training videos, instructional materials, courses, and workshops. They create learning experiences for a wide range of subjects while at the same time understand how individuals learn thereby coming up with experiences that are effective for all types of audiences.

Architectural designers draft house plans, buildings, and outdoor spaces. They transform the works from engineers, architects, and customers into drawings and models. They create technical drawings, building plans, documentation, and renderings.